Royle Insurance Sustainability Statement

At Royle Insurance, we believe that our business activity can have an impact on environmental sustainability as we provide our services; therefore,

  • We are committed, as business and community leaders, to the well-being of both economic and environmental systems that we impact.
  • We consider these goals to be compatible with our business goals, and if incompatible, we are committed to finding better ways to make them compatible.

To do this we will:

  • Consider the requirements and impact of the environment as we make our operating decisions and business strategy;
  • Analyze the environmental impact of our facilities, operations and services;
  • Strive to eliminate “waste” of all kinds from our operations, and to find safe, productive uses for any “non-product” that we are not yet able to eliminate;
  • Take responsibility for the safety of our services in their intended use;
  • Take responsibility for the safety of employees and communities;
  • Take responsibility for the safe recovery and reuse or recycling of products consumed in our operations; and
  • Maintain facilities, operations and services that are more efficient and less dependent on materials and activities that negatively impact the environment.

We will pursue these steps with a commitment to:

  • Future business decisions and operations;
  • Continuous improvement; and
  • Sharing practices, when possible, with our customers, suppliers, and communities to identify sustainability and environmental improvements.